Verzinkerei Würzburg GmbH

Verzinkerei Würzburg GmbH invested in a completely new self-contained encapsulated pre-treatment line to better keep pace with future environmental requirements while providing better working conditions for the company’s workers.

Scheffer’s built-in and fully automatic conveyor equipment consists of an input and output shuttle that connects the old part of the hall with self-contained pre-treatment, a monorail system with built-in rotating switches, six driving units with a load-bearing capacity of 2x 1,6 tons to each and another shuttle built into the dryer for unmanned production.

This construction even boosted their capacities while driving down throughput times. On top of that, they ramped up the galvanizing quality by renewing the existing top galvanizing trolleys that are now engineered with continuously adjustable lift speeds and vibrators.

„“I’m impressed by the efficiency and reliability of the Scheffer team as well as the cranes they supplied, and I would also like to mention that the quality of galvanising has considerably increased with our new cranes.”

Wouter van den Berg (CEO Coatinc Alblasserdam)

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 8 m x 1,7 m x 2,6 m
Dips per hour 6
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 1.600 kg
Main components
  • 4 drive units

  • 8 turntables

  • approx. 135 m monorail system


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