Load-stabilised crane systems

Cranes for steel bar transportation

Before transporting these materials, it is important to determine which material lengths need to be transported. If the task involves exclusively transporting materials of up to 6 m in length, a crane with a single trolley and a magnetic crossbeam could be used. In this case, a single trolley solution with one or two hoisting units could be chosen.

If the material length is 6 m exclusively, a single trolley solution with just one hoisting unit would be perfectly efficient. If, however, offcuts or lengths such as 3 m need to be transported, the magnetic crossbeam would need to be inclined, which would call for a second hoisting unit on the trolley.

If the lengths of the materials to be transported range between 3 and 12 m, we recommend opting for a double trolley solution, i.e. with two trolleys moving separately from one other, each with a magnetic crossbeam.


Thanks to our team’s many years of experience, we are not only able to design fully automated individual cranes but also complete transport systems.

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In addition to our standard customer service, our diverse crane service offering also comprises maintenance, repair and retrofitting work, as well as all safety tests required as part of accident prevention (UVV) tests.

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