Kingfield Australia

Scheffer is an enthusiastic supplier for the international market. The companies on the other side of the world offer great new opportunities for the crane manufacturer. In 2010, Scheffer therefore decided to expand its sales activities for steel traders and galvanization technology to Australia. The company was lucky in hiring Bryan Cathcart, one of the most experienced galvanizing engineers in Australia, as a technical consultant.

Five years later, the results are already promising. Over the last few months the company has won two separate contracts, one in the steel trade and one in the galvanizing industry, which give Scheffer the opportunity to demonstrate its capability in two of its main business sectors.

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 12,8 m x 1,6 m x 3,5 m
Dips per hour 5
System loading-bearing capacity 2 x 6.300 kg
Main components
  • 1 distribution crane
  • 6 lifting and lowering stations
  • 5 drive units
  • 14 turntables
  • approx. 350 m monorail system

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