Scheffer magnet lifting technology

Individual magnet lifting systems to optimise processes

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine internal transport in the steel industry without the use of magnet lifting systems. Carrying out force-locking processes safely, quickly and without damaging materials is the main requirement of magnet lifting technology. In addition, achieving a higher packing density in warehousing operations and making efficient use of operating personnel are the key design criteria for a magnet system tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Detailed knowledge of the material to be transported is required in order to come up with an ideal solution designed to meet the customer’s needs. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as all-purpose magnets or equal hanging distances for the magnets, nor is there a universal solution when it comes to crossbeams or electrical controls. This is why we cooperate closely with the customer when designing the system.

As a well-established supplier of magnet lifting technology, Scheffer designs and implements comprehensive solutions which perfectly combine crane and magnet systems. We also specialise in retrofitting existing cranes with our magnet lifting technology.


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