Staalservice Lelystad

Scheffer Krantechnik GmbH is always the right company to talk to when it comes to developing modern, fast and reliable transport solutions. In the project planning of a new production business for Staalservice Lelystad, Scheffer, in close cooperation with the end-customer, was able to put forward a concept for the efficient realisation of the planned handling capacity in the area of sheet-metal handling.

Ancofer Waldram Steelplates (AWS)

Where thousands tons of material and products with enormous dimensions are moved and processed every day, there is no space for experiments. Safety and efficiency take top priority in steel trading and processing.

ILL Industrie-Logistik- Linz GmbH

Everybody who ever had to tackle a logistics problem knows the challenges involved. Companies looking for a logistics expert more often than not opt for ILL Industrie-Logistik- Linz GmbH based in Linz, Austria. The logistics specialist provides everything from procurement and distribution logistics to packaging logistics. When Scheffer and ILL team up to develop advanced transport solutions, success is guaranteed.

Klöckner Stahlhandel

We are not just a partner for the construction of a completely new crane and magnetic lifting equipment, but also a partner when your existing solutions require refitting and modification. Accordingly.

Bucher Steel

Established by Theo Bucher in 1901, the steel merchant is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. The company specialises in the sale and warehousing of steel and nonferrous metals and offers its customers a wide range of machining services. As an expert in steel, Bucher was of course looking for a crane supplier with equally high expertise in its field, and Scheffer was therefore a logical choice.

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