Staalservice Lelystad

Scheffer Krantechnik GmbH is always the right company to talk to when it comes to developing modern, fast and reliable transport solutions. In the project planning of a new production business for Staalservice Lelystad, Scheffer, in close cooperation with the end-customer, was able to put forward a concept for the efficient realisation of the planned handling capacity in the area of sheet-metal handling.

The objective of the new business was to carry out the charging and unloading of flamecutting machines within the shortest possible time. For this order, Scheffer supplied a loadstabilised crane with a load-carrying capacity of 14 t and magnetic lifting equipment tailormade to meet this requirement. The combination of a load-stabilised Scheffer crane with magnetic lifting equipment enables short and above all reliable handling times for the transport of sheet metal. After the completed cutting process, they are again completely removed from the flame-cutting table. This dispenses with the separate and time-consuming removal of good and scrap parts, and the machine can this be charged again immediately. Because of the almost uninterrupted material flow, which was made possible with the solution delivered by Scheffer, approx. 8,000 t. of steel per year can now be processed by only 3 employees. With this customer requirement too, Scheffer once again proved itself to be an experienced supplier for complete solutions in the field of steel processing.


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