Société Bretonne de Galvanisation in France

Using a galvanizing bath with a magnitude of 16.8 x 2.3 x 3.4 m, our customer SBG (Société Bretonne de Galvanisation) in France set the standard in regard to system size and the dimensions of the individual component to be galvanized.

With a load capacity of 2 x 7.5 tons minus its own weight of about 4.5 tons, in the future more than 10 tons of steel can be handled and galvanized per cross head. This makes the system particularly interesting for large steel construction projects. Furthermore, the new galvanizing plant was equipped with encapsulated pre-treatment from KVK Koerner, a zincbath from Delage Fours and our own fully automatic handling system which makes it the most modern galvanizing plant in France. Through our intensive technical support, we were able to convince SBG that we were the right partners for the future. The order to supply the fully automatic transport technology opened a new and interesting market for the future: France. We believe in our new market and hope for more interesting projects in the future. Please contact us.

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 16,8 m x 2,3 m x 3,4 m
Dips per hour 4
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 7.500 kg
Main components
  • 1 distribution crane

  • 5 drive units

  • 8 turntables

  • approx. 275 m monorail system

sbg1 sbg2 sbg3 sbg4

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