Karger Group Mertingen

The company group Karger, lead today by Uli, Peter and Wolfgang Karger, the sons of the founder, operated two galvanizing plants up to the start of 2008. One at the location in Illertissen, the other in Hüttlingen. The company had orders in 2007 which allowed it to decide on the extension of the existing capacity by building an additional works, because of extremely good customer relationships and a highly motivated team – Karger is quite rightly proud of this.

The galvanizing plant is equipped of course in accordance with the latest state of technology. Such as, for example, encapsulated pre-treatment and fully automated transportation technology. Scheffer Krantechnik delivered components from a program which practically became a standard in the meantime, such as lifting and lowering stations, monorail, drive-units, distribution crane etc., which is controlled and guided by the intrinsic automatic control unit from Scheffer.

"The third plant of the company ‘KARGER – Verzinkerei Mertingen GmbH’ entered into operation in April of this year. Once it was successfully commissioned, we were able to gradually build up the employee and customer base. The plant is now operated there with approximately 45 employees in double-shift operation. The Mertingen plant has the deepest zinc bath in Europe (length 8.5 m, width 1.85 m, depth 4.00 m). This means that this ‘bathtub’ contains approximately 410 t of molten zinc."

Wolfgang Karger


Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 8,5 m x 1,85 m x 4,0 m
Dips per hour 5
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 2.500 kg
Main components
  • 1 distribution crane

  • 6 lifting and lowering stations

  • 9 drive units • 18 turntables

  • approx. 340 m monorail system

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