Coatinc Alblasserdam

After almost 20 years of exhausting operation in an acidic environment, the service life of the hand-operated pickling and galvanizing cranes at Coatinc Alblasserdam in the Netherlands was just about finished. This is the reason why the customer gave us the job of supplying two new radio-controlled two-beam bridge cranes with a load-bearing capacity of 11 tons and a span of 20,000 mm.

The customer’s main requirement was not only a state of the art crane control system with frequency-regulated (and therefore continuous) drives for all axes. The customer also wanted an acid-resistant coat of paint and corrosion-resistant design for all parts used. This is why we gave all of the steel components a special lacquer with a layer more than 350 μ thick. The gratings of the catwalk, switching cabinet and other components were designed in plastic. After a brief delivery period and very small amount of assembly and start-up, our customer is now completely satisfied with their cranes.

Technical Guide

System load-bearing capacity 2 x 5.500 kg
Main components
  • Pickling crane


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