Two new pickling cranes made by SCHEFFER

 - Two sturdy pickling cranes were sent from Scheffer in Sassenberg to England. They replaced 2 existing pickling cranes in a traditional galvanizing plant in the UK.


 IMG 20170826 WA0008

Overhead cranes are commonly found in open pre-treatment and galvanizing kettle areas. As these areas are exposed to an aggressive environment, it is vital to ensure that the design of the cranes is suitably resistant. Furthermore, all of the equipment listed below must be made of a type of steel or plastic that is resistant to hydrochloric acid. This is the only way to ensure that it works safely, the plant has a long service life and the cranes have a minimum risk of downtime.

Some examples of necessary measures:

  • Special acid and/or heat-resistant coating
  • Plastic switch cabinets Cable entry from below
  • GRP grid covers on walkways
  • Screws made of suitable materials
  • All screws greased
  • Screw fittings sealed with silicone
  • Gear stop switch in a separate housing
  • Cable trays made of stainless steel or plastic
  • Almost all pipes made of neoprene

IMG 20170826 WA0008





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