Kerschgens Stahl & Mehr in Stolberg

Kerschgens Stahl & Mehr in Stolberg made it their business in 2007 to modernize the warehouse equipment with optimization of the material and information flow in a series of stages.

For this purpose a reorientation of the interaction of the inventory organization, warehouse technology as well as an inventory storage and removal process were necessary. In 2009, Scheffer provided four crane and magnetic lifting equipment systems and in 2011 an additional five systems to achieve the targets in the area of material handling. “Today, in one shift we can now undertake as much as previously in three shifts”, was how Mr. Heinz Herbort from the management exemplified the results. Heinz Herbort is sure that “this efficiency can only be achieved with customized crane and magnetic solutions” and is delighted with the high level of process reliability and the resulting high level of handling performance with high crane and trolley speeds. This is made possible by the tried-and-tested load-stabilized system Scheffer cranes and the innovative Scheffer magnetic lifting equipment which puts every customer in a position where just one magnet type – the Scheffer multipolar magnet – is used to transport rolled steel profiles from IPE 80 to HEM 1000. Multipolar magnets When transporting sectional steel, the use of “multipolar magnets” has many benefits for the transport of wide sections and, in particular, in the transport of narrow sections. In contrast to the frequently used two side-arranged pole plates, for this solution several poles are distributed along the centre line of the magnets. Accordingly, a central magnetic field results between these “multipolar poles”. The narrow design of the pole means that even small supports can be accepted on the centre of the bridge. The narrow overall design of the magnet without side contours enables precision operation between two high stacks of material or between uprights. In order to accept wide sections, the magnets can be turned by up to 90° to avoid tilting of the material along the longitudinal axis. The proven benefits of “multipolar magnets” in practice constitute an efficient and safe solution to the transport of sectional steel in the dimensional range from 80 – 1,000 mm section sizes.



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