VRW Iron- and Steel Trading Company

“It's always a good choice to invest in customer satisfaction”, as we say at Scheffer. “That’s right”, the leaders of the VRW Iron- and Steel Trading Company in Schwäbisch Gmünd agree.

And only ten years after the foundation of the company, VRW decides to invest further 5.2 million euros in extending their warehouse facilities. The impressive result of the 5,500 m2 extension: VRW is now a full-range supplier with all possibilities of further processing and can even better fulfil its customer requirements as a capable sub-contractor. Today, 110 employees are working on an area of more than 12,000 m2 to make these individual requirements come true with the usual speed and reliability, but now with significantly increased storage capacity. Scheffer made a great contribution to this convincing speed of handling at VRW in the form of three load-stabilized crane and magnet systems to transport rolled and hollow profiles, rod and quality steel and yokes. The special features of the system include weighing equipment, demagnetization, special stacking-cradle adapters and automatic trolley positioning.

TechnologyThe motorised swivelling Scheffer cradle holding fixtures can transport up to three layers of the well-known Kasto stacking cradle. Due to the very narrow design of the cradle holding fixtures when folded up, which is no wider than the crossbeam body of the magnet system, small tubes and/or narrow beams can be transported magnetically without any restrictions. This transport is also supported by the semi-automatic position controls in the crane and trolley travel direction, which improves safety and reduces turnaround times tremendously.


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