Carl Spaeter Karlsruhe

Disturbances in the Arab world and debt crises in Greece, Italy and Spain – the effects can also be felt clearly by us. The customers of the southern European steelplants are fast disappearing. The result: They are putting pressure on the German market through low prices. Admitting defeat however does not come into question for domestic steelplants.

They are confidently maintaining their position in the market and ensuring the confidence of customers with quality and service “Made in Germany” – just as at Spaeter Karlsruhe. The 180 employees service a product range extending from tubes, mats and formed steel to rod steel and beams and large-size quarto sheets, and also offer a tailor-made service ranging from the latest cutting techniques such as water jets, laser, oxyfuel and plasma cutting. Also, it is possible to rework the corresponding flame-cut parts on 2 bending benches. And despite, or rather because of the crisis, the company has just invested in a 25 x 175 m large new hall for the processing and storage of sheets. 15 million turnover increase per year is the declared objective of Spaeter, from this new production extension alone. An ambitious target, just as impressive as the dimensions of the hall with its bright and friendly working environment. The steel plates which Spaeter processes primarily for bridge, hall and stadium construction are up to 3 m wide and 16 m long – this requires sophisticated logistics which is perfectly tailored to the hall size. In addition to the existing cranes, which were relocated from the existing store into the new hall, Scheffer supplied a load-stabilized 5 t magnetic crane for the removal of burnt steel parts on a flame-cutting system and a 2 x 12.5 t load-stabilized magnetic crane which is used to unload large and heavy steel sheets magnetically from a ship. The safety of personnel and machinery is paramount in such operations and is strictly defined in DIN EN 13155. Scheffer therefore obviously took into account and complied with these regulations in the design and production of the magnetic engineering. In the second phase, Scheffer supplied three more load-stabilized magnetic cranes for the transport of beams, pipes and stacking cradles in the existing halls. And what makes us particularly proud: This is the 15th time that Spaeter Karlsruhe has placed its confidence in the expertise of Scheffer Krantechnik – to be continued.



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