Armco Johannesburg

As a systems supplier for hot-dip galvanising plants, Scheffer has long been a force to be reckoned with on the market. We are committed to meeting our customers’ requirements and enjoy the exciting challenge of bringing these requirements into line with the need for sustainable industrial production. The reliability of Scheffer products is guaranteed by

our investment in continuous development. It therefore comes as no surprise that we repeatedly launch new, innovative products, such as the Twister. This solution enables hot-dip galvanising plants to use spinning technology for small parts in order to respond flexibly to customer requests. Armco in Johannesburg, South Africa, is impressed with the Twister and its basket unloading station. The company acquired its zinc spinner in 2013 and is delighted with the competitive advantage it offers. What’s more, it was able to incorporate the new components smoothly into ongoing production.



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