CLAAS in Harsewinkel

Many of us have been there: coming up to a big birthday or anniversary, we tend to look back. At Scheffer, we can do this with a big smile. Over more then the last five decades, the agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS in Harsewinkel has time and again opted for designs and solutions by Scheffer. We should however not forget that CLAAS was already in business for exactly 50 years when it first teamed up with Scheffer.

The four CLAAS brothers turned the company founded by their father, who produced straw binders, into a world-renowned agricultural machinery manufacturer. The first combine harvesters left the factory in the 1930s, revolutionising agricultural production. Today, CLAAS employs more than 9,000 people all over the world. Its products are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. With its firm focus on future technologies, CLAAS is always on the lookout for advanced solutions, as demonstrated in its latest cooperation project with Scheffer. Today, a new load-stabilised twin-beam magnetic turntable crane from Scheffer is playing a crucial role in the material handling workflows of CLAAS.

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