Austrian Energy & Environment AG in Graz

We supplied two gripper cranes to Austrian Energy & Environment AG in Graz, Austria for transporting fuel substitute. They work at processing the fuel substitute for the Schwedt Power Station on the Oder Riverin Germany.

The material hopper has been divided up into two zones linked with a joint craneway. The one material hopper zone is there for intermediate storage of the raw waste where it is prepared for transport to the processing lines. The fuel substitute materialis transported with a conveyor belt from the processing lines into the second materialhopper zone and from there it is transported to the incineration lines.Two Scheffer gripper cranes transport the material in the material hopper with each crane working in one hopper zone. One crane empties the truck delivery points and supplies the processing lines with raw waste.The other crane supplies the incineration lines with fuel substitute material. The two cranecontrol systems are in constant communication to guarantee smooth processes, even if the two cranes come very close to one another. This crane design not only means each of the cranes do their specific jobs, they also support one another, which is necessary if they have to delivery greater amounts to the 5 delivery gates. The basic prerequisite for automatic operation was careful planning to implement our customer’s needs. Detailed mapping of the routines in the crane control systems and material flows is important for continuous operation. This is the reason why we used the Scheffer visualisation system because it shows and records data relevant to the process such as material turnover and crane movements in detail. That means that the operator can streamline his crane systems to changing materialflows and basic constraints at any time.

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