ThyssenKrupp Bielefeld

ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik GmbH with headquarters in Bielefeld-Brackwede produces body and chassis components for the domesticand international automobile industry. Scheffer could collaborate closely with. The previous removal of packages of plates from the plate cutting plant, temporary storage and supply to other transportationsystems could be done more efficiently and especially quicker by using this solution. The emphasis here is on „guided“.

A joint visit to the Meyer yards in Papenburg was the basis for the customer’s decision infavour of the Scheffer concept. A reference plant from Scheffer, with load guide via a telescope could be inspected here. Meyer Werft confirmed the positive experiences is had had with plant which has now been inused for 8 years. Scheffer has responded by integrating a semi-portal crane with side travel trolley. telescopichoist and turntable into the existingsituation in the hangar as a replacement for the old crane and which satisfi es special requirements, as far as the crane and trolleytravel, the approach accuracy and also thebuilt-in dimensions are concerned. A plate stack gripper, permanently attachedto the guide unit at the turntable, can beused to pick up each package of plates with a packet weight of up to 12 to and a packagelength of up to 2 m in order to repositionit in the same layer and to turn it.

The craneplant with its 3 sided obstacle avoidancecontrol for the coil plant was successfully integrated into the local environment. The new semi-portal crane contributes to wardswork safety by protecting the area which the crane travels over. The characteristics of the plant are especially the high degree of positioning accuracy because of telescopic guiding and also quick and flexible handling in the production process. Scheffer has also proven „guiding qualities“ again in these customer requirements.

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