rff Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH

Scheffer Krantechnik has delivered a total of 5 crane plants for the extension of rff Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH at the location in Leipzig/ Beucha. 4 of these cranes are fitted with our tried and tested load stabilized system and magnetic lifting technology with a carrying capacity of 2 x 5 t and a span of approx. 22,000 mm. A crane has been delivered as a telescopic crane with a load carrying capacity of 5.5 t and a track gauge of approx.

21,000 mm. The collaboration between rff and Scheffer has satisfied the claim of both companies to create customer-specific solutions for the requirements of today and tomorrow. The company, with is location in Leipzig/Beucha is now able to respond even more efficiently to the increasing importance of time and safety of supply for its customers – such as ship yards, the chemical industry or the petrochemical industry, for example.


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