Besta in Mülheim

One of our last projects for Besta in Mülheim an der Ruhr is probably one of our best-known projects of the year 2014. This was not only due to the extraordinary design of the crane, but also to the fact that the West German broadcasters WDR accompanied the work of our project manager with the camera. The report was broadcast in the programme Lokalzeit Münster.

The crane itself is a single-beam angle trolley crane with magnetic lifting technology for simultaneous transportation of several rebar bundles. The crane will be used among other things for the unloading of ships where the demands on reliability are extremely high. After all, it can have dire consequences if a falling load damages the hull of a ship. To prevent this, the crane works with a complete redundant magnetic system alongside the SEC (Scheffer Emergency Control), allowing safe lowering of loads during a power outage. Therefor, in case of a failure in one of the systems parts, the work can directly be continued. This high degree of safety therefore rightly makes it a crane with true star potential.


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